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Sci-Fi Artist Database

Find information on a number of your favorite science fiction movie stars, whether they be actors, directors, producers, writers or composers!

[Note that this database is still in its infancy. Click here to suggest us some additions.]

Daily Sci-Fi Movie Star – September 28, 2016.
Elisabeth Shue   Elisabeth Shue

Linda McKay, that's him! Hollow Man (2000) is only one on the many movies where Elisabeth Shue performed. Explore his sci-fi filmography here!

Daily Sci-Fi Movie Star – September 27, 2016.
Ethan Hawke   Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke and science fiction are indivisible. Discover some more on this surprise personality... Click here!

Daily Sci-Fi Movie Star – September 26, 2016.
Ally Sheedy   Ally Sheedy

You've seen him play Jennifer in WarGames (1983). See what other roles Ally Sheedy has done. Click here!

Daily Sci-Fi Movie Star – September 25, 2016.
Basil Poledouris   Basil Poledouris

Remember the Cherry 2000 (1987) soundtrack? That was the creation of Basil Poledouris. He has done some other neat stuff too. Click here for more...

Daily Sci-Fi Movie Star – September 24, 2016.
Michael Nyman   Michael Nyman
actor, director, composer

Did you know that Michael Nyman composed music for The Falls (1980)? Explore what else he has done here...


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