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Actors and Actresses

Artist Name   Career Profile

Balaban, Bob   actor, director
Bigelow, Kathryn   actress, director, producer, writer
Duke, Bill   actor, director, producer, writer
Guest, Lance   actor
Hall, Kevin Peter   actor
Hawke, Ethan   actor
Jackman, Hugh   actor
Janssen, Famke   actress
Khambatta, Persis   actress
Lynch, David   actor, director, producer, writer, composer
McCormick, Carolyn   actress
Meyer, Dina   actress
Nyman, Michael   actor, director, composer
Paquin, Anna   actress
Pyle, Missi   actress
Richardson, Natasha   actress
Schwarzenegger, Arnold   actor, producer
Sheedy, Ally   actress
Sheen, Charlie   actor, producer, writer
Shue, Elisabeth   actress
Walken, Christopher   actor
Weller, Peter   actor
Wynter, Sarah   actress

Please note that this database is still in its infancy.
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